I started this art of tattooing professionally in 2009 . I absolutely love tattooing and has an impressive experience of 9 years and over .as you are looking at the work of one of the finest tattoo studios in Bhopal. We are creative team of tattoo artists 'illustrators, painter and digital artist. Take a look at our portfolio .I have been dabbed in all kind of tattoos styles such a traditional , portraits and new school but prefers working on realistic tattoos and specializes in black tattoo, grey tattoo and colour tattoo.

Apart from tattooing we are also engaged in other creative works such as permanent tattoos, temporary tattoos, full body art mug printing, 3d wall paintings, nail arts... Catch me at shop no.6 new market subway Bhopal or shop no 19 gurunanak complex malviya nagar in Bhopal .

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Harry Nathani

Harry Nathani born and raised in Bhopal and a tattoo artist at harry black tattoo's studio in Bhopal.

He absolutely loves tattooing and has an impressive experience of 9 years and over . He believes that his true calling has been 'realism' aspect of tattooing which is combining movement of the body and realism art . His work is bold deep and conveys something as if skin is his canvas and he prints the tattoo into it.

Ritu Choubey

Her journey with black tattoo's has been most colorful. She could not imagine a better way to have started her journey in tattoo industry . She started tattooing as a hobby and gradually took it up as a profession . She believes every tattoo has a story to tell and she loves to narrate that story through inking those tattoos. She is the co-owner of Harry Black Tattoo's studio as well as manager of Harry Black Tattoo's studio. She handles client in outstanding way.. by god grace she has been gifted the quality of convincing the client in that magical way.


Vaibhav has always believed it to be the purest form of self expression possible. He draws inspiration from wide range of intellectuals who have creative fields and accomplished in them. His work is very fine and neat. he is good in all kinds of tattoo's style and great in geometric designs. Harry Nathani is great in guiding these upcoming great artists at Harry Black Tattoo's studio in Bhopal.

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